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Credits last forever.

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Logo Design

Get  the perfect logo for your business

Perfection Logo

Your vision.

Our logo design.



Unlimited revisions – we will make you happy, or die trying! 

What’s included:

  • One logo design for one vision/brand
  • 48-hour turnarounds
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Our promise to get it just right for you

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Design the way you want, only easier

Throw out everything you know about a design agency. Say hello to world-class design – with an easy button.


Get a subscription, then request unlimited designs. 

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Get your design in a few days, Monday to Friday.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we will fix it.

So much better, clients never go back.

Design Rascals is always fresh and creative.

Who needs unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies?

With Design Rascals, you work with world-class talent delivering smoking-hot design at warp speed.

Thank you for your magic. I got wonderful feedback from a lot of people. 

Petra Mistelbauer


No meetings

Nobody has ever said “I want more meetings in my day!”. We eliminated them to deliver faster results.

Easy task tracker

Your design board is on Basecamp, and you can always see queued, active, and completed tasks. 

No limits

Work with a team? Bring them all in – we can give them all their own access to your subscription.

Membership is amazing

So much value packed into our design membership, there is zero reason to look anywhere else. 

It just makes sense!

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Design cards

Add unlimited design requests to your board.


Delivery, speed-warp style

You get your design one at a time, and we deliver every few days

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Fixed monthly price

Our price is the same every month. You can rest easy! 

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World-class design

Design at the highest level, with quality so good there is one word for it – ‘wow’!

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Flexible and no risk!

Pause or cancel whenever you want. Change to a higher or lower membership level whenever you need.

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Real custom design

Your design is 100% yours, and it is unique.

What we do

We do great work, that’s what we do.

Designs commonly featured by

Funky Scribbles

A collection of funky vectorized scribbbles to spice up
your design projects.

Websites, Branding, Apps, much more...

Membership tiers

Choose what works for you.

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One request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.


Unlimited designs, one request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.

What’s included:

  • One-at-a-time requests
  • 48-hour turnarounds
  • Endless brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock imagery
  • Simple credit card checkout
  • Cancel or pause on your terms


Double the requests. Pause or cancel anytime.


Unlimited designs, two requests at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.

What’s included:

  • Two-at-a-time requests
  • 48-hour turnarounds
  • Endless brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock imagery
  • Simple credit card checkout
  • Cancel or pause on your terms

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Excellent question! Hiring a senior designer? That’s a $100k+ commitment, plus benefits – and they’re hard to come by. Plus, what if the workload fluctuates? You’re left footing the bill for idle time.

Enter our monthly plan: hit pause when work dries up, resume when it pours. Pay only for productive time. Simple, cost-effective, no strings attached.

Subscribe and load up your design queue with endless requests – watch them get tackled one by one! Want more? Subscribe to our Double plan for two requests at a time.

Most designs land in your inbox in under 48 hours. Need something complex? Give us a bit more time.

Design Rascals boasts a tight-knit crew of top-tier designers, exclusive to our team and passionate about crafting standout work. We’re excited to spotlight each designer, sharing what drives their creativity. Stay tuned for these special features!

We get it – sometimes, you might not have a full month’s worth of design needs, maybe just a request or two. That’s the beauty of our pause feature.

Our billing cycles run on a 31-day schedule. So, if you sign up, utilize our services for 15 days, and then hit pause, your billing cycle freezes. You’ll still have 16 days of service left to use whenever you’re ready. That could be next month, three months later, or whenever.

We use Figma exclusively.

Design Rascals brings unparalleled flexibility to your design requests with our card-based system, Basecamp. Whether it’s directly through Basecamp, uploading Word documents or wireframes, or opting for a Loom video for those who’d rather not write out their briefs, we’ve got you covered. If it can be shared or linked, it’s all good with u

Not a problem! We’ll keep tweaking the design until it’s exactly to your liking.

No, there aren’t. The beauty of having this team of senior designers is that we can tackle any design task.

No problem at all. Once your single request is completed, feel free to pause your subscription and come back whenever more design tasks arise. You won’t have to worry about wasting the rest of your subscription period.

Given the premium quality of our services, we do not offer refunds.

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